My! Have You Grown


I know I'm going to get shit about this..but, it was all innocent..well, mostly.

I was at the gym. Didn't go my usual time, and I saw some new people there.  I started my run on the treadmill. I see this the thing that gets my attention on a guy is his shirt..I love Wife-beaters, and love cutoff muscle shirts. This guy was wearing a cutoff that was cut way low..almost down to his lower ribs. Now, I'm far enough away so I am not able to see him clearly, but he is obviously hot.

He goes to one of the cable stations and is doing triceps. I'm running...

He hits the head (bathroom) and comes out..I'm running...

He disappears, out of my site for 15 or so minutes (obviously working on some of the machines in the back of the gym) and reappears Still running.

He hits the ab machines..and then back to the cable station. I'm still sweating..running.

I soon finish my run, and hit the scale...still the same god-damn weight. As I get some paper towels to wipe my sweating brow, I see the guy...he's walking toward the back again and our eyes meet.

"James?" I say.
"Hey" he says...

I recognize this incredibly hot guy..he's the son of a friend of my wife and I. Last I saw him..he was probably 15.

"What's going on?" I say.
"Not much" he says.

Now, I didn't expect a whole conversation..and I wasn't looking to pick him up..or hit on him or anything. He's waaay to young...and knowing his parents and all..that's a gross thought for sure. The kid is probably 17 now and as such, he has the conversation skills of a typical 17 year old when talking to the enemy (parents).

"How's school?" I ask.
"Pretty good" he says.

17 years old..he's probably fucking every girl (or any girl he wants to) in high school. I know his Dad..and Mom..his father would encourage it and his Mom? She would be appalled. This kid is that good-looking. Probably very, very popular...probably even more popular with the girls...probably everything most of us used to hate in high school. The looks, the personality, the girls, the popular, hottest guy in school.

"Damn, you're big!" I say, making a nod to his exposed arms (seriously, I wasn't drooling when I said it)!

With that, he turned..may have said something but I seriously doubt he said anything - and simply walked away...utter rudeness.

Yup..just like the guys I hated in high school..the one's that I had secret fantasies about.

But, this one, like those..will get away.


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