Dear John Letter


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Well..the nurse guy that I hooked up with last week, I guess had a change of heart. A few days after our meeting, he chatted me on Grindr.

"Hey. Been feeling guilty lately." He writes.
"Guilty? God..maybe I don't want to know". I said. I kinda know the "guilty" story by now.
"Yea, well..I totally went out of my zone the other day. I hooked up with a guy that I shouldn't have." He said.
"Lol.. are you talking about me?" I ask.
"Yes..was're hot..but, I can't do this." he says.
"Well, I wasn't ready to propose yet" I say. "We were just having fun."

I mean, truthfully, he was a nice guy and totally seemed into it. But, to each his own..I'm not broken up over being let down easily.

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