Head Nurse


It was early morning..on my commute to work. I log onto Grinder, chat one guy I see online and he responds pretty quickly.  He's 28, 6'2", 155 lbs. Lives about 20 minutes away..and seems like he's nearing inviting me over.

But, I pull into my office parking lot, and head upstairs..because..well..it's early..I can get some emails done and answered..until..he comes to his senses.

He doesn't have many pics.a few unclear face pics. No body pics..other than the one he has on his profile in a wife-beater.  What's he into?

"Nothing kinky" he responds. "Making out, JO, Oral..bottom here."
"Cool. Nah..not into kinky either." I tell him. "I'm a top too."
"Well, I haven't been fucked in decades!"
"Decades? Jeez..you're 28..so you were last fucked at 8?!" I ask sarcastically.
"Well, a long time. I'm very tight."
"Doesn't have to be about fucking" I tell him.
"Well, it's a horrible day out, rainy, cold, drab and dark.  Just want to lay in bed with someone." he says.

Eventually, I head on over. He opens the door in that same wife-beater. He is thin..nicely so. He's wearing doctors pants.. you know..those surgical pants doctors wear. He seems nervous..

"Well" he says kinda uncomfortably. "Want to hang here on the couch?"
"The couch?" I say. "Thought we were going to cuddle in bed"
"My bedroom? I'm kinda particular about my bedroom." he says.

He shakes his shoulders and walks upstairs. I'm looking at his ass..it's nice..and I can see some butt crack from his loosely tied pants.  His room is pitch black. He lays down and I lay down next to him. We make some small talk.

"So you work in a hospital?" I say..recalling the conversation we had on Grindr.
"Yea. I'm a nurse." he says.

We continue our talk for about 10 minutes. Our hands touch..I'm rubbing his arm..tracing the line up to to his neck. We kiss.

Soon, I'm reaching under his wife-beater and he's straddling me as we're making out. He takes off his shirt and I take off mine. He takes off his pants and underwear, and I play follow the leader.

We're naked and laying on each other. As I find often, big things come in small packages..this guys way thin and lean, yet has a pretty sizable cock. He goes down on me, sucking me hard. He sits up again, on top of me, as I'm stroking his torso and he asks if I suck cock.  I pull his hips toward me and his cock enters my mouth and I can taste his pre-cum on my tongue.

We switch off a few times, eventually 69-ing until he's jerking me off like gang-busters.  I grab his hand to slow him down.

"It's OK..you can cum. We can always do it again." he says.

Nice I'm thinking..and soon I'm jizzing all over my body. He licks my cock clean and says we should take a shower.  I stand up and he rubs my cum on my chest..licking the cum as it drips off me.

"Love it" he says.

We hit the shower and clean up. We're getting all soapy and I'm jerking him off..then he's jerking himself off.  Eventually, he's exhausted and mentions that maybe the 5 times he jerked off yesterday is slowing him down. He turns around in the water and back toward me I grab him from behind. I hump his perfect ass. He's moaning...

"I want you to be inside me" he says.

He kneels down and sucks on my cock again while he continues jerking off. Eventually, his pace quickens as his hands move faster and faster on his own cock. He grunts...breathing heavier..finally cums then slows down and stands up.

Soon, he's washing me up..grabbing soap and lathering my every part.  Starting at my neck, down my chest, to my arms. He hits the pits, lathers my cock and balls. Then kneels before me as he soaps my legs.

"Turn around" he says.
I turn and he begins the routine on my back.

"This is nice" I say.
"I'm a nurse. It comes naturally for me." he says.
"Do you do this for all your patients?"
"Nah, just the married ones" he jokes.

We dry off.
"Would love to do this again" he says.
"We will." I reply.


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