Genius! Not computer guy.

I walk into work is frozen. So, I reboot...and things are working again. I start doing some catch up letters for work. Then..bam! Frozen again!

I reboot..and get a loud fan noise...which doesn't subside. Nothing on my monitor.

Reboot. Same noise. No picture.

Reboot. Now the fan noise goes away and I get a strange, scary message on my screen. Something about my computer has been modified. Press such and such to continue. Who modified it? Not me! I don't want to continue..

Reboot. Same message!


I call my IT guy..but it takes me an hour or so to call back. Within the following hour he's in my office. I've got files all over, calls on hold..working on my cell, office phone..another computer that just isn't cutting it.

He unplugs everything and reboots. Then plugs in the keboard and hits a key.

It loads...but, not without me sweating it out a little bit that maybe I've lost all that I have.  I need a new computer..not a terrible thing....considering mine is probably 10 years old.

So, now I'll be busy setting up a new system once I get it.

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