If You Love Something...


I just want to give a public thank you to Frat Star for his time and his effort in the short time that he was able to write for my blog.

He was, and is an amazing writer - able to put down into words feelings, thoughts and ideas that others simply cannot convey on paper. I think he brought a great perspective to this blog. That of the young, new gay man. Obviously, of course, his journey is unfinished and it would have been incredible for him to be able to share that journey with us. I know writing every day for his previous blog was too much for such an active, young man and I thought that writing once a week would be less stressful to him. But, the guys got priorities..and not only can't you blame him for that, you have to be happy for him too.

To answer some of the questions I received, as per FS wishes, his previous blog posts have been deleted.

I'll miss his input here. But, alas...life moves on.

Just to put it out there..I am still looking for contributors on this blog. I want to have my readers see different perspectives. If you had a now defunct blog or a blog you no longer want to continue, or have a unique perspective (i.e., the young gay guy, the jilted woman, a closet lesbian, a closeted young gay guy) that maybe we'd be interested in hearing from on a weekly basis..let me know. 

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