Boxing Ring


I know I'm no goody-goody. I mean, from the outside, maybe you say "this guy's boring. He doesn't drink, doesn't stay out late partying, watches what he eats..he's not fun." But, you guys know the true story - I'm a goody-goody with a secret.  My secret? I love guys...and it's starting to wear on me..just a little.

I'm finding..thinking that...well..that I'm kinda done with the men in the world and starting again with the same men. Does that make sense? I mean, shit, I've fucked a lot of guys..and I'm now..having some repeats...guys that I've eliminated, decided not to hang with..that they weren't my type..and now? Well, let's just say that sometimes I get surprised when I walk in the door and it's a guy I've been with before.

What does mean? I know..I'm a slut..I really am..and I'm not proud of it. But, what's a guy to do? I can't change..I need with men...ideally, with the same man..over and over (and over) again! But, it's almost impossible to find and yes, I'm almost impossible to please! Most guys..I just don't find compatible.

So, I'm stuck fucking around with different guys. And now? Now, I'm on round two.

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