Tittie Tuesday: Caught in The Act


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Ok, so have you ever been caught in the act?  I mean, you're giving yourself this crazy good SLS (self love session), and someone walks in, and catches you?

So, I come home from the gym, and no one is home. Sweet!  Naturally, I get out Pinky, and the fun starts. Oh, I should back up a sec.  I live in a condo high rise, on the 12th floor.  I have a kick ass view, by the way!  So, I'm coming home from the gym.  I'm in the elevator, and I notice a sign posted that says something about getting your stuff off the balcony, cuz there will be window cleaners on the outside of the building today. Whatevs.  My balcony is clutter-free, so I don't give it another thought.  So, where were we.  Oh, yes. I get naked, and lay on the bed.

I love laying on top of the bed naked.  I have a very plush down comforter, and it feels yummy. Sorry, I got kinda girly there, huh?  Anyway, I'm in the middle of a really good SLS, I have a fabulous mental fantasy going, and out of the corner of my eye....what the?  I see the reflection in my mirror of someone standing on my balcony, watching me!  I didn't bother to draw the blinds cuz, hello?  I'm on the 12th floor, no one can see me, right?  Except on Window Washing Day!!!

I scramble up and run into the bathroom.  Crap.  That was feeling like a really good one, too.  Damn. I stayed in the bathroom for 10 minutes before I felt calmed down enough to come out. And no, he wasn't still there.

Moral of the story?  Pay a little more attention to the notices in the elevator!

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