Can't Stop Now


It's an obsession..was always one even before I started losing weight. But now? Well, I've reached my original goal that is: 188. I've now surpassed the goal and heading south. 186.

How much is too much? Well, I've lost 12 pounds in about 100 days. I wasn't fat before, and now, I'm totally leaning up. I'm feeling great..liking what I'm seeing in the mirror..but still...want more.

It's not enough..I know that there are "plateus": time's in my weight loss that seem to just level out or stop and you make no further progress for a week or so. I hit one at about 190. Then, two weeks later suddenly, I started dropping pounds again. 190, quickly became 189..then the next week..187. Now, 186. Now...I've got new goals..a small one: 185. I haven't been 185 since...since...since I don't know when..maybe Grad School. Is my college weight in sight? 180? I think that could be almost impossible..or so I thought a few months ago. But, is it something I want to do?

Like I's an obsession. So, if the weight keeps dropping without further sacrifices on my part, without changing my program at all, I don't think I'm going to deny it. I still look in the mirror and see minor imperfections..but I always will. That's just me.

But, with 185 probably coming within the next week..can 180 be in my future?

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