Now You've Done It

Saturday you've all done it..and I use the proverbial "you".

"You" anonymous commenters..
"You" guys without any balls..
"You" guys who don't want to have even an anonymous/fictitious name email account..
"You" anti-Semitic, closed-minded, intolerant assholes who read my blog, and have nothing to say but those bullshit, annoying, irrational comments.
 "You" who read in the safety of their own home..just to spew hatred yet aren't honest or gutsy enough to put yourself out there..despite the consequences like I do..every fucking day.

"You" the guys who are too ugly, fat, ashamed, scared, confused or stupid  to understand that intolerance, and scapegoating and bullying is what LGBT people should be fighting against..not promoting.

Yes "YOU."

 I've tried to ignore them. For all these years, I've published your asinine comments despite their content. But, I've had enough. I've now limited comments to only those who are registered Google account users. Hopefully, I'll get more constructive and rational comments.

And for those who aren't happy that they can't dish out their hatred on my blog anymore?


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