Rage Against The Machine


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I was screwing around on the internet and decided to take a look at one of the "Roulette" cam sites. You know those sites, it scrolls around and you get a random stranger on cam and you two can chat online and see each other. Mostly, it's people just "nexting" everyone and it becomes a rotisserie of the unwanted, unattractive and unusual.

A few nights ago, I chatted with a nice guy.  He never showed me his face, and I never showed him mine. We were both shirtless, and flashed each other our cocks for a sec. As it turned out, he lived in New York. He asked for my email address, which I gave him and he said he would write me, but he never did.

On this night, in the boring, endless rotation, I stopped on "the odd". A man (I assume it was a man, since all I could see was his naked ass) and his toy. His toy was a machine..one of these "fucking machines" I've seen on the internet. It's basically a plunger type device, which moves automatically in and out of  his ass. While strange, unusual, odd and freaky...I couldn't help but stop for a few seconds (OK, minutes) to watch.

I can only wonder what the neighbors must think when dropping by to borrow a cup of milk. You can't really dress up the machine to be a coat rack.

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