Sweet Spot


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I often have the most success on Grindr when I'm out my usual area of home/work. When I travel for work, that's usually pretty successful because you find new guys..guys that are used to seeing the same ole' guys on there (don't we all?) and see someone different and jump into action.

I get chatted on there as I'm about to get on the highway back to my office. Cute pic..guys 26 years old, 195 lbs., and 6'1". He says he's looking for a top and when I tell him I'm on my way out of the area, he tells me to stop and turn around. I pull down a side street, pull over and park as we chat further. He sends some face pics, which are very, very impressive. He's damn cute. He sends one body pic, and while it doesn't turn me off..his body isn't nearly as hot as his face...but, that's cool.

He ends up inviting me over, and I spend more time looking for a spot than I would have liked, but finally, park and make my way up to his apartment. He opens the door and I was right: he is very cute. Nice smile, in a shirt and jeans and a turned around baseball cap. I end up sitting on his bed, and he rolls up a desk chair and we chat a little. He then asks me what I want to do (we already discussed this online, but I guess it was his was of making a seg-way toward some action). I pull him close to me and we kiss. He's really a great kisser and soon, he's removing his shirt and pulling off his jeans, revealing that he's not wearing any underwear. I too start taking off my clothes and we're making out, and I end up on top of him on the bed.

Things are getting pretty hot and I'm rubbing his smooth chest and his perky nipples - to which he responds with some very hot noises.

"You like that?" I ask as I tweak his nipples.
"Yea, you found my 'sweet spot'" he says.
"That was quick" I respond, and  he chuckles and pulls me closer with a kiss.  He grabs some lube and slathers up my hard cock and his too. I grab a condom off his dresser and roll it on as I place his legs on my shoulders and enter his hot asshole. He moans some more.

As I'm fucking him, he's softly saying: "hot" or "mm good" or "feels so good." It wasn't creepy at all..was nice..I'm far from verbal in bed..but, him appreciating our time together was nice.

After a while, I pull out of him and shoot a huge load on his balls, cock and chest and then as he's stroking himself I grab his sensitive nipples and rub them as his eyes roll in the back of his head and he too starts cumming.

"Damn man! You got me!" he said.
"Yea, I know the secret now." I tell him...."It's the nipples!"

We laugh and clean up. He invites me back "anytime I'm around" except he travels quite a bit. But, after the holidays he'll be around a lot more.

"Definitely" I tell him. This guy was super nice..super cute..and has a few sweet spots that I'd like to continue to explore.


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