Coffee Rush


Remember that guy I was supposed to meet at Starbucks? Well...

I got caught up with things at work..and suddenly my Grindr chime goes off..once, twice...more. But, I'm on the phone. I know I have to meet "Kasey" at 9:20, and it's already 9:22. I told him I'd call him and I didn't. But, as I walk out the door, all a-flumished (Italian for disorganized and rushed) I'm dialing his number when I get yet another Grindr message "waiting...and waiting" it says.

"Walk around the block and work off that fat ass" I text back.
"LOL." he writes back.

I call him as I stand in front of Starbucks.

"I'm here" I say.
"Oh. I see you" he responds.
"Are you driving away? Fast?!"
"Nah." Kasey says.

I see him walking up to me. We both hang up the phone.

"Thought you changed your mind" he says.
"No. Crap hit the fan at the last second." I tell him.

There are some sarcastic jokes from each of us ("Ladies first" he says as he opens the door; A "Chai Tea?" I say to him with a wink). It's nice..almost comfortable.

We both grab a cup of coffee and find a seat. We talk lives.
"What are you into?" I ask. "But, I not..that stuff. Like..sports, TV...Theater?" I laugh.
"I like working out. Running. But, last few weeks has been busy at work. Otherwise, I'm pretty casual, relaxed."
"Nice. Me too. Gym, takes up most of my time." I tell him.

He's got nice eyes..light brown. And he's a talker. I told him he probably has nice conversations..with himself sometimes.
"Yea, I tape myself and argue." he laughs.

His skin is..clear..not tan, but, nice thin on top (but who am I to complain). He has a pair of sunglasses on top of his head.

"Hate the cold" he says.
"Me too!" I laugh.

He lowers the glasses and they aren't very dark..just tinted..

"Bono?" I say.
"Yea, I bottom sometimes, he says. Mostly top though."
I laugh. "B-O-N-O" I say again with enunciation. "as in U2. Those glasses. You're going for the Bono look?"
He cracks up. "Well, now I'll just keep quiet." he says with embarrassment.
"Finally. I get him to shut up!" I say out loud to myself.

We continued to chat for a little, but we both had appointments. We step outside, and agree we should meet up..maybe later.

"You should come see my apartment" he says.
"Oh, do you have a nice, er, apartment?" I ask.
"Yes, it's big...People like it" he laughs.

We shake hands...and head to our appointments full of the coffee energy I so needed.


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