Falling Flat


Well, I guess Kasey wasn't so into things as it turns out.

After the weekend, I texted him on Grindr. No response. Knowing how flaky Grindr is, I texted him again a while later...and getting the blow off feeling..sent him a final text saying "if you're not into it, just let me know." I have no problem with someone who's not attracted to me, or who just isn't into it for some other reason..just would like some confirmation..think it's only polite, especially after leading me on that things would progress.

"Listen, think I'm gonna pass" Kasey Says.
"Yea? All of a sudden?" I ask.
"Well, you lied about your age" he says.

Yes, I did misrepresent my age on Grindr. I said I was 40...only because anyone I ever meet says I don't look my age. Some had even suggested I lie about my age..so I did. But, when I confirmed my correct age to Kasey when we met, he said it wasn't a problem..that he didn't really care about age.

So? Why would he say that then use that as an excuse? After all, when we left each other he was planning on me coming over to see his "big apartment."

Oh well..his loss.

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