Decisions Decisions


Sometimes I can wait weeks until something a hook-up on Craigslist or someone on Grindr that appeals to me. Sometimes..when it rains it pours. And sometimes, it just doesn't work out.

Its been a while..a few weeks since my last hook-up of any sort. I decided that I'd hit the spa, got into work early, did some things, and actually met someone online who seemed interesting and interested in hanging at the spa. After swapping pics, we said we'd meet, then I got his number and told him I'd call on the way.  Soon, he said "maybe" we'd meet. Maybe? How did that change all of a sudden...

Anyway, I had planned on going, planned on shaving there, sweating some I was resigned to go. Then Grindr kicks in and someone, 25 year old nice looking guy..very hot body was looking to meet..NOW! Now? How's another day?!

While I'm deciding..and leaning toward a relaxing day at the spa..I look back on Grindr..and this guy disappears. Not logs off dissappears..but, whole profile disappears. What does that mean exactly?  I guess I've been blocked.  Ya' snooze ya' lose I suppose.

Anyway, back to my original plan..and gonna hit the spa. I plan on calling that guy anyway..he did give me his number and I told him I'd call on the way. But, the way this day and week's been going..I'm expecting the number to be disconnected.


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