Tittie Tuesday: More Gym Eye Candy


I was really excited for my next training session.  The first thing I did when we started, was tell him I think I pulled my hamstring (right?!?!) So, he says "I can help you with that."  and we go over to the mats.  He tells me to lay down - ok!  Then he tells me to raise my leg in the air - yup!  Then he gets down on his knees, and takes hold of my ankle in the air, and leans his whole body against the length of the leg, and gently pushes my leg toward me.

"Does this hurt?", he asks.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!?  I could do this for hours!!!  I'm loving this exercise!

So, we kinda shoot the shit whilst he's pushing on my leg for actually quite a while.  then, we switch to the other leg, cuz "Whatever we do to one, we do to the other".  That's ok by me!!  Then we move on to some machines.  I'm on a machine that works the glutes, and I'm leaning forward, resting my elbows on a pad.

He's standing in front of me, and I realize he's looking down my shirt.  So, I smile, and say "Like the view?" and he smiles, and says. "Awesome!"  At this point, I decide, why restrain myself?  I start flirting shamelessly, and he reciprocates.  He tells me a story about how he and a friend once measured their cocks to see how big they actually were.  I'm thinking wow!  This flirting thing has taken leaps and bounds!  But I'm also wondering if this is a thing that straight guys do.  Since I'm a chick, I don't know.  So, I just decide to ask.

"I'm just curious - are you gay?"  He just smiles, and says, "No, I'm not gay, but I'm totally cool with gay dudes.  In fact, some of my good buds are gay.  It's all good."  so, that is my green light to continue to flirt. He also told me he didn't have a girlfriend.  He is 24, by the way, and of course, I had to ask him,

"So.....who won the measuring contest?"  He blushes (so cute!) and says, "me!"  Oh, how adorable.  So, I learned some things.  Young 20 something straight guys seem to be cool with gay guys.  That's good.  I also learned that it's heaven working out with such a hottie, having him touch me, and give me his undivided attention for an hour.

Need to lose a few pounds?  Get a hot trainer, it's the best move you can make!

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