Lesser of Two Evils


I know what I do is wrong, messing with guys behind my wife's back. I don't necessarily make excuses about it..other than it's a desire that needs to be filled. I also know ideally, thing's should be different.

But, do you think me being with guys is better than me cheating on her with a girl? I've never been with another girl while being married - although I could have many opportunities. I contend the reason I'm with guys is that they provide something my wife can't (there are those that will contend I'm gay, that's why I have never been with another girl).

If you were a girl, and I cheated on you with a girl..would that make you feel worse? Or if finding out I had been with a guy, would you say "at least he didn't cheat on me with a girl?"

Again, I know it's not ideal..but at least there's no competition here.

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