Lip Stick


I chatted with someone on Adam. He was young, about 24, and he emailed me first. His pics looked great..nice lean body, big uncut cock. He didn't have a place so we started talking about meeting up at a motel. He also had no problem sharing the cost.  I chatted with "Adam1" on AIM a few times and tried to make some plans.

Funny, I also got an email from a "model" on Adam. Very hot pics, sends me additional body pics by email. He also was interested in meeting and I chatted with "Adam2"on AIM.

On one day Adam1 said he was available to meet and we planned on hanging about 2. I told him to text me when he was ready and about 1:30 followed up with him, but didn't get a reply. By 2:30, I figured it was another blow-off. Then Adam2 logs on, and he says he's available the next day, so hopefully that will work out.

I tried googling these guys email addresses..and found a pretty odd coincidence. Seems that one had placed an ad on Craigslist recently..and said to contact them via AIM - using the other's screen name.

The following day, both Adams log onto AIM almost simultaneously. Adam1 looks like he wants to meet, apologizes that he got caught hanging around with his Mom doing errands and couldn't break away. Adam2 says he's headed into the city, but would be back later. Adam1 signs off, as well as Adam2 seconds later.

Anyway, I head to the motel to meet Adam1 and he texts me on his way. Traffic..he's going to be late. A half hour later, still no show, but he's texting me..still coming. An hour after our time that we were supposed to meet, I tell him to text me when he's there, that I was going back to my office to do some work while he made his way, not expecting him to ever show.

About a half hour later, I get a text from Adam1 - he's arrived at the motel. Right! I say..prove it. Send a pic..which he does..of the Hotel Awning, so I jump in my car and meet up with him at the motel. I know his car, and park right next to him and waive him into my car.

As he exists his car, I can definitely see he's younger...has a thinnish slim body, and a young face. As he opens my car door, he's very fidgety with his hands, touching his face, looking out the window as he talks. OK, nerves I assume. Then I get a gander at what he's trying to hide...the lips.

Now, I'm not talking plush, soft, luscious Angelina Jolie lips..these were huge, massive, protruding lips and he was obviously self-conscious about them. Still, he hands me a $20 and I go to the motel office only to return a minute later.  "Out of rooms" I tell him. "Going to be about an hour."

Now, yes, there were no rooms at the inn, but I really wasn't disappointed anyway. But, we talk...

"What's with the different identities?" I ask him.
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"Seems like you go by different screenames..two Adam profiles.."
"Me? No. Have an old screename I don't use anymore.but that's it." he says kind of unconvincingly.

Anyway, we go our separate ways and later, I confront him with my evidence when I see him again online. He suddenly becomes quiet and both Adam1 and Adam2, sign off and I block them both.

I kiss this failed hook-up goodbye.

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