Possibilities Abound


The usual hookup occurs pretty quick. Starts with a "Hi", then a location check, stats, pics, acknowledgement of interest, more pics..then the plan to meet. When something skews from that basic format, it stands out as something different.

A guy I chatted on Grindr..actually..he chatted me first. What stood out about him was that he didn't have a pic, and his profile was also deft of stats..usually a bad sign. Often, it's of a guy visiting the area..or an older guy, or an out of shape guy. I mean, I'm married and I have a pic up there, have stats...so anybody should be able to at least provide some basic information.

Location: He's currently driving around, and is near my office. But he lives very close to me, a few towns away which was good to know. And he lives alone. Check!

Stats: He gives me his stats: 5'10", 165 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair, 32 years old. All acceptable. I actually have no idea what is ideal body weight for someone not my size and build, so I've come up with this incredibly ingenious formula: for every inch under 6 feet tall - add 10 pounds..so, this guys 5'10", 165. Two inches short of 6'..that's 20 pounds. A guy 6' and 185 is in pretty good shape. This way I know how he stacks up against my body and wight. Stupid, I know..but it seems to work.

Pics: He sends a face pic.Very cute. Normal looking guy..not a model..doesn't look "flamey". I send one back. Then the body pics. He sends a chest shot which is typically a good barometer of a guys body structure. He's got hair on his chest, but not a freakishly abnormal amount. He's got good tone so I know he works out.

We chat some more and then he asks if I want to meet..for coffee..in the morning. Now that's something that you don't often find. A guy willing to meet for a "date" to get to know each other...I was taken aback.I ask if I can call him and poof! there's his number and I give him a ring.

He answers and I like his voice. Manly..not like Andre the Giant manly..just masculine. He says he likes married guys because he works alot. He's a top, but not opposed to bottoming. He's easy to talk to and maybe 10 minutes later, I'm suddenly pulling down my street..almost home. Time flies.

We plan on the meeting in the morning...and this one,I think, has real possibilities. But, I've been wrong before.


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