Remember Glenn Peter Perez?


It's prolly been almost a decade ago when the internet boomed big time in this country and then pic and video scandals abound manically from Aparri to Jolo almost in a weekly or monthly basis. 
He is one such victim of trusting people too much. I am sure I still have that pic of him holding his hard and big thing innocently stashed somewhere in my old email. I might check on that later. 
He is really cute, no?
Good thing he has gone past all that hullabaloo (although I'm not sure if he should be ashamed of it, considering how cute he was and how big IT was in that pic. LOL!) and is now a very talented photographer shooting for model portfolios, ads, magazine spreads, whatnots.

I still can't find a decent pic of him showing his armpits though.
I'm curious.
I'm madly curious and excited.
If anyone does find some hot pics with his arms up or showing a bit of his armpits, please shoot me an email.

and make sure it's not his twin brother's but I won't complain if it is.
They're identical and both chubby so okay na din yun, di ba?

Anyways, more SEXY PICS OF HIM after the JUMP!

I found this in his Multiply account.
Not sure why he cropped this.
Could have been the perfect shot I've been looking for!

The only pic I have showing his pits,
but it's not really what I want!


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