Size Matters


I guess it does...

I've never really been self conscious about my penis size..after 7 inches, I'm probably a little above the averaged sized cock. My thickness is pretty nice too..although I've never measured my girth..a guess would be 4-5 inches? who knows.

When I was in college, I had many nicknames, and none had to do with being gay/bi etc. It had to do with my ability to bed down women...I was most likely to fuck a girl.."Fucker" etc. I remember one particular girl who used to come over to my apartment and while I was sleeping, she'd slide her hand under my blanket to give me a hand-job. I found out that she told her friends I had "the perfect cock." Nice...

I also am not a "size-queen." It doesn't really matter to me how big a guy's not one of the questions I ask guys online..because a) It's not going into my ass, so who cares how big it is and b) It can only go so far into my mouth. I do care if the guy is cut or not.

Anyway, one of the questions that invariably gets asked a lot to me is my cock size. Now I can understand bottoms asking this question, because a guy that's to big, well..that's gonna cause some pain. But, if I say 7 inches, and the guy says "sorry, looking for bigger" as one guy recently said to me on Grindr..well what does that say about him?

It's possible the guy has had so many cocks in his ass that an average to above average sized cock just isn't going to cut it. It's like driving a "Mini" through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Maybe the guy is into pain..discomfort..a Sadomasochist that I wouldn't get along with anyway.
I mean, most straight guys don't talk about some girls "big vagina" like it's something to be desired..but I guess tits are something guys either prefer big or little (I'm from the little crowd).
So maybe size does matter. But, I'd much rather have a guy with a normal, even small cock than big, veiny and purple.


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