Retro Spa


I decided to try a new spa in the area. I've seen ads about it online and they somehow also got my email address and have sent me information on it. They advertise as an "All Male Nude Pool Party" so, sounds up my alley, no?

I take the drive to the spa. Walking in, you would guess you're walking into some "Red Door" spa or some normal establishment. I walk up the stairs and oddly, there's a girl at the front desk. She checks me in and gives me my key to my locker. Apparently, unlike the other spa I go to, you pay after you're done at this place.

I undress in this bathroom that has lockers in it and two showers. I immediately see the difference between the spas. While the other spa I go to is high class, this one is so far, dissappointing. But, I have yet to see the "Pool Party" as advertised.
I walk down the stairs to the main room which comapritively is tiny. At the end of the stairs a man greets me, asks if it's my firsst time there and shows me around. The steam room, two saunas, the pool, one jacuzzi, which is filled with older, heavier men and two open showers. There's a bar, and then he takes me to the dark video room. After, he shows me the massage room and gives me the breakdown of massage prices.

"Interested in a massage package today?" he asks.
"No, not today." I say.
"Really, how come you don't like me?" he says.
"Uh,'s my first time here, maybe next time."

I get away from my tour guide and jump in the shower, which is almost ankle deep in gross water. Apparently the drains were backed up and later, I saw them working on clearing whatever debris was blocking the water. Ugh.

I hot the steam room and the door closes behind me. There is so much steam in here that I cant even see where to sit, or if I would be sitting on someone. I spread my arms reaching for my destination...

"Sorry..I can't see" I say to no one in particular.
A voice comes from the steam "There's a seat right in front of you."

I sit down and it is a good steam room. As my eyes adjust I see a few other, less desirable men sitting in the room. After a minute or two I leave and check out sauna #1. A large room, with two levels of sitting areas. A few men.

Sauna #2 was small, also two levels and was pretty crowded. There wasn't even room for me to sit, which I found odd. Felt like saying "Guys - there's a sauna next door with plenty of room!" But, I resist, turn and leave.

I check out the pool, and then walk by the jacuzzi which is now unoccupied except for a 400 pound man, and I'm probably being kind. Oh well.

After a while the man leaves and I enter the jacuzzi. The jets are pretty strong which is good. As I'm sitting there, after a while, with jets pulsating beneath me, between my legs, I'm feeling the tingly affects of the water on my cock, so I shift just a little to avoid the jets.

I return to sauna #2 and walk in to see 3 large men. One guy's back is to me and he's blowing one of the sitting guys. I turn and leave.

I go to the steam room and it too, is now packed. As my eyes adjust I can barely see the outline of one man stretched out with two or three other old fat men pawing at him. I turn and leave.

I hit the video room. Comparatively, it's cool and I'm able to relax on the couch. I see a black man walk in. Young, with closely cropped beard, thin, nice looking. He sits on a couch across from me in his robe. After a while, I return to the main area, only to find 3 or four big guys in the jacuzzi, with another large man with his back to someone sitting..inching his way closer..there's a lot of inappropriate touching. One of the Spa workers walks into the room, right by the jacuzzi, to the bar. I'm surprised that he doesn't say something, stop the action, not even a "Tsk-tsk". Apparently, unlike my legitimate spa this place approves of sexual misconduct in it's spa.
This spa must be like the Bathhouses of the pre-HIV, sexual revolution of the 1960-70's. I suppose in those days, anonymous, and risky sex acts in bathhouses were normal and the government must have turned a blind eye to it.  I doubt that any government agencies know about this place. I know that what is going on is illegal, much less terribly risky sexual behavior.

A new guy walks down the stairs. He's slim, young, incredibly good looking and obviously in the wrong place based on the rest of the clientele here. "Justin" checks in with the tour guide and then I follow him into the sauna, and sit with 4 or 5 other men. Then, I leave, pass the jacuzzi which now is engulfed in full anal sex and I'm wondering why I ever ventured into that disgusting, bubbling water of sperm infested waste.

I pass another black young man as I head to the steam room and then leave there to see if I can find Justin - but he's nowhere to be found. No doubt, he's smarter than me and has escaped the the scary whale infested waters. I turn and head to the video room and the second young black man is soon to follow and while three guys are doing something to one other guy across the room on another couch, he bravely sits next to me. Our towels soon are unraveled and we're jerking off. I'm stroking his chest, and tweaking his pert nipples. Soon, the flock of seagulls saunters over to our end of the room, and are coming very creepy step at a time.

I've had enough. I shoot a big load, clean up, catch my breath and stand up - briefly whispering to my couch-mate - referring to the hungry mammals that now surrounded him - that he's on his own and he laughs.

I'm gone.. Free Willy.


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