Tittie Tuesday: Sexy Feet


Ok, I've seen this topic online before, and I have to tell you, this is something I absolutely love.  I have super sexy feet, and I would never be with a guy that has ugly feet.  Sorry, boys, if I've offended anyone out there, but that's just me. 

Tomorrow I'm going to have my mani/pedi, which I have every two weeks, come hell or high water.  Want to get on my good side? Want me to like you?  Just massage my feet!  I think I am a typical chick on this topic.  I love to have my feet massaged, and I have found a hot, young Vietnamese guy named Hung (really, that's his name!) that worships my feet.  Calm down, peeps, this is at a very nice nail salon - don't get all creepy on me!  :)  And I tip him very well for this service, too.

But seriously, there is nothing sexier than putting your feet around a hard cock.  I mean, it is hot!  And it totally looks hot, too!  I love to rub my toes on the head of a hard cock, it's so incredibly sexy.  And when I'm playing around, or even having sex, there is nothing that will get me going more than a guy kissing or licking my feet and toes - when someone sucks on your toes, it is the most amazing feeling in the world - it is orgasmic!  Wow, I'm getting all hot just writing this!  I think there are a lot of nerve endings in your toes, and that's why it's so awesomely stimulating! 
Seriously, if you have not tried this, you must!  Ok, I hope no one out there is thinking that I'm some weirdo chick, but don't knock this until you've tried it, ok?  Guys, if you want to turn your partner on, kiss and suck their toes, and you will have them eating out of your hand in seconds!  Just make sure the feet are clean, ok?  Otherwise, ick!!  This is a great thing to do in the pool or jacuzzi - that way you won't have to worry about skanky toes! 

Listen, if you will lick an asshole, then sucking toes will be a walk in the park!

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