Weight of the World


I don't know what did it. I have tried to lay some "subtle" hints. My wife apparently knows how I feel about her current appearance. I don't think she works out enough, I think she's gained quite a few pounds over the past 3 years..even though I haven't said anything directly..she knows.

"I'm on a diet" she says.
"Really?  I didn't know that." I say.
"Well, I am so encourage me!" she says.
"You go girl!" I exclaim. "I want to be on the same diet! What are you eating for dinner?"

Maybe it just takes time for some people. Maybe, it was a friend, a relative that said something. Maybe it was he own clothes, seeing that they no longer fit the way they should. I guess they say you have to hit rock bottom in order to change..maybe she's hit it. Hopefully, she will lose some weight, feel good about herself..I want that for her. I want it for me too. I want to be able to encourage her..to say "Jesus! You look like you lost XX!"

It would be better than the knowing look I give her when she eats something she shouldn't..or when she isn't at the gym.

After all, it has to be something she does for herself.

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