Ride 'Em Cowboy!


It had been a long time since I saw Trent (Well Lubricated). Seems that whenever I was around his neighborhood, he was working. Whenever he was off, I wasn't around. Damn! He was so hot the last time we met, I had visions of hanging with him again!

Well..I see him on Grindr and..it's been a while, so I text him.

"Hey..you around today?" I ask.
"Yea, all day." He says.
"Great..I'm headed there this afternoon, wanna hang?"
"Yea." he responds.

So, I get my stuff done, and get on my way. It's about a 20 minute drive, but I had some office I had to visit in his neighborhood, so what do they say? Kill two birds?...

I make good time..no traffic (this is New York, so I might as well play the lottery today too). I look for a spot to park and text him again on Grindr.

No answer.

"Just got out of the shower. Come on up." he says.

I take the 4 stories of stairs to his apartment and between the stairs and the anticipation, my heard is beating pretty hard. It probably was the anticipation of meeting since my cardio doesn't make me this winded! I ring his door bell.

I'm waiting to see this "model type" that I remember. Last time he answered the door in a sleeveless A&F shirt and I could swear he was a model. He opens the door and he's wearing shorts and a white wife-beater. He greets m with a big "Hello" and a smile. He is cute..but model? no.. He really is quite lean..even scrawny-ish. But...don't take that as a complaint - just that I pictured him a little more..substantial :)

He brings me into the same den that we fucked in last time. Big screen TV, big tan sectional. We embrace and kiss. He's pulling off my shirt and me his. He unbuckles my jeans and reaches into my pants to feel my enlarging cock. I untie his shorts and reach his smooth tight (and bony) ass. He is hot..good kisser..and as I will find out yet again, a really good bottom.

I beat him to the punch, so to speak and sit on the edge of the couch  and take his enormous cock into my mouth. I slowly suck him, grabbing his hairy balls, rubbing his smooth chest and stroking his ass until he pushes me back and starts sucking me.

After a few minutes he stands up and I stand up off the couch and we kiss again. He turns to grab a condom and I put it on - open the wrapper and -

"I remember this!" I laugh..remembering that he uses unlubricated condoms which I found extremely hard to put on and unroll. I grab the lube and pour some in to the condom as he rubs some on my hard cock. I place it on my cock and ..uh..yes, unroll it down the shaft, while he takes some lube as prepares his ass.

I step around him and he bends over and places my cock at his ass and I slowly push and ..viola!.. I am in him. He bends further and has his hands on the seat of the couch as I fuck him from behind. He looks back at me as I'm fucking him..licking his lips, enjoying the feeling as I'm pumping his ass.  He grabs my ass from behind toward him as he takes two steps closer to the couch and places his knees on the couch almost in the fetal position as we don't lose contact and I am fucking him now harder.

He's stroking his cock and I'm grabbing his chest and playing with his pert nipples. He gets up, again keeping my cock inside him and we change positions as I turn and lay down on the couch as he is on top of me with his back to me ("cowboy style?"). He's moving up and down and while the view is awesome..it doesn't allow me much availability to touch him or kiss. He adeptly turns around, again, so as not to lose penetration and is now facing me and sitting on top of me as he is now furiously pumping his cock. Soon..he's screaming.."I'm going to cum!"

He spurts massive loads..first shot..over my head, in my ear, hair, chin, chest, stomach..I'm a mess. I take my cock out of him, take off the condom and start jerking off..grabbing his neck with my other had to draw him closer..for a kiss..as I blow my own pretty substantial load. Now, I am drenched.

He grabs a towel and I wipe up and head to the bathroom to wash up, get dressed and say out goodbyes.

See you at the next round-up Trent. Yeee-haaa!


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