Coat Check


I traveled downtown, a 1 hour trip by subway one day for work to meet a colleague I've known for years. I was early, took a seat in the waiting room and logged onto Grindr. It's always nice to see some activity in an area that you're not normally in. After a minute or two I take off my overcoat and begin to place it on the couch when a young man walks in from lunch apparently, opens a closet door and puts his jacket in there. He asks me if I would like to to the same.

I give him my coat and notice he's very handsome...cute, shorter than me, nice face, square cut chin and a cute hard butt (just by looking). He hangs up my coat and I mention something about getting a coat check number (ha ha) and he chuckles, smiles and heads inside. Apparently, he works here.

Well, back to Grindr..and I see among lots of cute guys in the area, a 24 year old white guy. The picture is of a chest shot..and it just shows up to his lower lip. The body is kicking, nice ab lines, smooth, he's 5'9" and he's 407 feet away.  Now, I can fantasize that the "coat check boy" is this guy..but truthfully, this is New York City. There are literally thousands of gay guys per square foot, and I'm in a high-rise building with thousands of offices, with thousands of male workers. This guy..or any guy on Grindr could be in this office..or this building, or this block.  But, I can't ream can't I?

There's something about seeing a guy dressed up, in a suit. He looks hot..but clothes cover lots of imperfections. Does he look hot naked? That's the big question. Is this guy, the cute coat check boy ("CCB") the same as this guy on Grindr? Is this his hidden, hot body? Oh, god, I wish!

I text him..
No response.

Now, I won't go on with the long drawn out texting that went on..and tickle your ass making you think that we chatted, shook hands, met in the bathroom, went to his place...No. We didn't...but not for lack of me trying.

"Hi." I say again.
No response.

"Figured I'd say hi. You're close."
"You don't have to be scared to say hi. Just want to find out where about you are."
No responses.

I'm nearly finished with my work in the office, and, while I see "CCB" on occasion walking through the hallway, he doesn't acknowledge me, either in person or on Grindr. But, I'm fucking curious..I have to know. IS THAT YOU? IS THAT YOUR BODY?

"I can come into your office and say hi if you want." I say boldly.
No response.

I leave the office, and notice that CCB is disappearing in the distance. The next morning, I text him again..yes, your staulker is back CCB:

"Good morning."
I head to the gym, and when I return, I check my phone.

He's gone. Apparently, I've been blocked. I guess I got my answer.

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