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There's nothing quite like vacation!  I spent a week in a Caribbean destination with the family not too long ago. The weather was incredible, the water warm, and the food great. There were lots of fun activities that me and my kids took part of -water skiing, pool, swimming..etc. Lots of fun family time.

Of course, I did log onto Grindr and got a lot of responses. However, being I had limited time and opportunity - any meet ups would have to be with someone who also was at my resort and could either host or meet in the steam room.

It's funny, this place had a so-so gym - small - but the locker room and showers were nice. The steam room and sauna were surprisingly co-ed! First time I saw that. There was a sign on the door leading out to the sauna areas that "Entering Coed Facility. You must remain covered." Despite this, I never saw but one woman who was in the sauna for a short while - with her boyfriend or husband and for the most part, I didn't see but 2 or 3 other men using the facilities.

The beginning of the week I chatted with a guy on Grindr who actually worked at the resort. He was very discreet - unwilling to send a face pic or body pics at first. Eventually, I realized who it was and went by the Concierge to see him up close and personal without his knowledge.  Since he wasn't my type, had no ability to even meet, I decided to just leave well enough alone.

Toward the end of my week, someone on Grindr chatted me and said he was at the resort. He sent a pic and told me he was on the beach, just getting his food order.  I had just hit the steam room for the end of the day and told him so.

"Come meet me" I told him,
"What about my food?" he asked.
"Well, you can always go back" I said.

Soon, the doors to the locker room opened, and there he was. He was 5'6" 160 pounds and Latin. I found out he was 24 years old and was working in the airline industry - so he was here for work.

He wanted to take a quick shower and as we talked he stripped down to his swim briefs and jumped in. I went out to the coed steam room and waited. Soon, he appeared and sat next to me. We talked for a little, and eventually began touching each other. He then opened my towel and began sucking my cock and we kissed.  Despite the fact that the place was deserted..we were still worried about someone walking in on us.  We left, returned to the showers and both took one in separate stalls. When he got out, I got to see his very big uncut cock. This guy was very well endowed!

He then asked me if I wanted to come up to his room, gave me his room number and went on his way. A few minutes later, I was knocking on his hotel room door.

When he answered, he was only in a towel wrapped around his waist. We walked in, and fell on his bed kissing. His towel came upwrapped and I removed my clothes. He sucked me, then turned so we did a '69'. Knowing I had limited time, I grabbed him and jerked off while he commented on my cum shooting  and then he jerked off and blew a load on his chest.

It turns out New York is one of the stops of this guys route. I left him my email address and hopefully, he'll contact me. There's no better way to enjoy a vacation!

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