Tittie Tuesday: More Online Hotness


So, a little while back, I told you about my online hottie. I think I even said that I was going to email him right after that post. Well, I did. All I can say is Holy Fuck! This dude is so hot!!! So, after he tells me that he is going to masturbate in the outdoor shower whilst thinking of me, I got all wet and horny. So, I told him that I needed to go masturbate right then. He then told me that he wanted to make love to my pussy with his tongue. Oh, btw, this post is going to contain lots of sexually explicit stuff.......
So, then he told me that as he was thrusting his tongue as far into my pussy as he could, he wanted me to thrust my hips as hard as I could. He wants to make me cum over and over. I would turn over, and he would roll his tongue over and over around my hole, and work his tongue down into my little pink button. He would lick and stroke me until I couldn't take it anymore, and I would convulse, and cum in his mouth.
As I was cumming, he would slide his rock hard cock into me, and fuck me fast and furious. After resting for a bit, we'd make our way again to the outdoor shower. We'd slowly lather each other all over, stroking each other's bodies. It was so hot that again the stroking would increase, and we'd get each other off again. He describes all this in such a fucking hot way, that I would have to run to the bedroom a second time, and masturbate again! Wow. I'm exhausted....
So, he wants to do more than chat online now. We've been doing that quite a lot. Now he wants to move to the next level - Skype. He wants us to be naked, and play with ourselves for each other. He really wants to watch me get off. Hmmm. It sounds hot, but scary at the same time. Oh, yea, we have already exchanged photos, so we know what each other looks like.
What do you think? Should I do it? I have a kind of fear of having my body parts online. Am I being paranoid? Is everyone doing it these days? Is this guy a complete and total stud, or what?

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