Soul Food


 From the author of Artistry of the Male, check out his new blog:
Hey Sweetie,

It's AOM again yet not quite AOM.

I've found that I really miss sharing

Music, Quotes, Art, Movies, Books, Poetry, etc.

And all the things that feed my soul and enrich my life.

I have a deep yearning to share the things

That help me grow in mind, body, and spirit

In hopes that theses things

Will feed your soul and enrich your life.

I don't plan on posting every day
Nor do I plan to post tons of pix like last time.

I just wanted to build a place

Where I can store and share the good stuff of life.

This blog is in its infancy

I am still playing around with the overall look.

Initially, it will look and feel a lot like the old AOM

But it will evolve to become its own unique space

I feel a direction

But I have no idea where it will go

This is exciting to me

To begin the adventure

To see where things will grow

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from your visits here.

Peace and Love,


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