A Workout


I've joined lots of "groups" online and receive lots of emails from many sources. Massage groups, sex groups, advertisers, etc.

There's one group that I've always been intrigued to see in person but because of where and when the meetings are held, I never had a chance to go.  Some of their meetings are group massages and they also hod assorted workshops. I get an email saying they are having a conditioning class.  The class will focus on flexibility, endurance, muscle building and fat loss. It will be taught by trainers from the areas top gyms. It includes a short massage session to release sore muscle at the end of the class.

The studio is in the city and there's a small charge to attend. The classes are given once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Feeling like this class could be interesting, both on a fitness and sexual level, I respond that I will attend. I'll let you know how I get to work up that sweat!

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