In the Beginning...


Where to begin? Jesus...I'm tired..fucking exhausted.

I had never, ever imagined generous people holding rallies, donating clothes, food, supplies..the Red Cross making rounds in my neighborhood..all for the tragedies that have befallen us.

At the time this post is written, it's been 15 days since Hurricane Sandy made an unwelcome visit to my area. Rain, wind and more damaging tidal surges caused us to be without power, heat, hot water for 15 days.  A subsequent nor'easter borough frigid weather and snow to our area at an inopportune time.

Sewage water and salt water accumulated in the lower level of my house, which was my Great Room which included all the comforts that you can imagine - all ruined. Thank god the approaching water stopped at the front door of my house..and never caused any further damage.  But, a fire caused additional damage. 

I know I'm not alone..there are people out there without houses, who have died..who have suffered more than me and my family. But I also know that everything I worked for, everything I did to make my house a "home" has to be constructed again. We are not displaced, but, we are relying on the help of others - for hot meals, showers, and Internet access. I feel we are a burden.

I never thought someone would be driving in my street..offering me a hot meal. I turned it away..there are still people worse off than me.

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