Self Absorbed


Well, my blog has taken a hit lately.  Maybe it's because people don't wanna read about me anymore..and that's cool. Or maybe people are jumping on the next ship or blog..or maybe it's because of my absense for the weeks or so while I was recovering from assorted mishaps...

I would like to let all those that used to read this blog know that I'm back..and posting regularly.  If you could help me out, please vote for me here.  It's Best Male Blogs and lots of my readers probably are on there..

Anyway..gimme a 5 as far as a vote..that will push my blog up in the ratings, and I've been assured tby the BMB blogmaster, that will get my blog in the top 10 listing, and more visiable area on the blog.

There was a time that I was listed as #1...and while I'd love that again..I've got to be realistic.


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