Hands Full


One of the reasons why I didn't get fully involved in anal sex with other guys initially was the thought of being in that "bad place."  You know..being in someone's exit was kinda shitty, so to speak.  I could never get past the fact that shit happens there..and I didn't feel the need to engage in such nasty actions.

Then, I came across some very hot, and very clean guys. Eventually, fucking became hot..and I was able to look past the other crap. Those guys didn't smell, didn't leave remnants, and made anal sex totally enjoyable.  Hey, if those couple of guys had such good hygiene, and made things so hot, then everyone must be like that no?


I was chatting with some guy on Grindr. We chatted last week a few times. He was 21 years old, and hit me up on there first (see? I wasn't chicken-hawking!). He seemed nice, and was into having a regular thing with me.  As often happens on Grindr or other such sites, days pass..and I didn't hear anything from him. Not unusual.

Then on Monday, he chats me and says he's off from work.

"When are we hanging?" he asks.
"Well, it's slow today at work." I respond, giving him that opening he needed.

"So, come on over!" he invites.

I drive to his house which takes about 15 minutes. I park and ring his doorbell. He opens the door, in sweats and T-Shirt and I follow him to his bedroom. We sit on the bed and chat.

This guys tiny...not midget tiny..not Lollipop Guild tiny..just..small. He's probably 5'5" and has a nice small ass. His smile - and more particularly - teeth had something to be desired too. His body, while not hairy, had some hair on his chest, but kinda annoyingly, he had lots of straggly long hairs on his neck, arms and upper back. He mentioned that he didn't "groom" or "man-scape" and that was obvious. I mean, he was off from work, invited me over..you'd think you'd prepare yourself to be seen. Well, apparently, that was just the beginning!

We begin kissing and I'm thinking, this isn't all that bad! I kinda expected worse..kinda thought..maybe I can't get into this..but, I was actually thinking.."This is hot!" The guy can kiss, was into me, loved touching me..and..he had a surprisingly big cock! Not bad!

He goes down on me, and sucks my cock. We continue making out and then he asks if I wanna fuck. "Yea!"I tell him enthusiastically. He grabs a condom, and lube, which was conveniently placed next to the bed...again..he must have been planning....but...

There was very little lube, so, I spit on my hand and entered his hot little ass. We really were having a hot time..and fucking his hot little ass was..well..pretty good!  Soon, I was moving in and out of his ass with a pretty good pace and ..based on the sounds he was making, he was enjoying this too! Soon, I pulled out of his ass, ripped off my condom and started pumping my cock with my suspiciously slick hands as I shot my load on his ass. As he turned around to look at me telling me how good that was, I looked down in that "after fucking ready to clean your ass and my cock and hand mode" and noticed my hand was..and it's almost as bad to write as think about..full of SHIT!

Yes, that slick slippery feeling I had in my hand was a handful of shit! Brown, stinky, smelly, disgusting, nasty shit!  He looked at me horrifyingly and ran out of the room soon to return with wet paper towels. As I cleaned up, he ran again for towels and I waved him off and told him I need a bathroom, where I soaped up and cleaned off. The smell was just awful.

I returned and started getting dressed with the odor still wafting in my nostrils. He says, as he rubbed my chest that "He hoped he didn't scar me" and I looked at him funny and he said "well, I guess I wasn't as prepared as I should have been. I mean I took a shower and all" Ugh.

I told him I wasn't scarred.We said our goodbyes. I thought.."everything was good up until that shit happened.."

I had good intentions..I think maybe we could do this again..make things right. Make sure next time that he's prepared..better..cleaned the right way.

Then, about an hour later I logged onto Grindr. Seeing him..his profile..still smelling my hands,,even though I washed again..used sanitizer..I could still see..ugh..smell..oh my..I think I may hurl.

I guess that's what the block button is for..


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