Siya ay isang Swedish and his name is Johan Erik Altberg aka the Basshunter. I had an idea about him when "he" followed me in Twitter. Sinabi niya na siya daw si Basshunter. Of course, I have no idea at all who this "Basshunter" was. He then introduced his name and some of his details. Gotcha! He really is good looking. Pero when I was about to search him via Google, I found out that there is this certain "Basshunter" exist. His Twitter account was even verified. Then, I thought that profile who followed me was just a fan-based account.

I was then curious... curious  about if he has armpit pix found on the net... This is what I find out...

He was then a contender in Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2010.


That's all I got to share. I still have some pics of him naked but it's kinda provocative already. So enjoy. Have this Basshunter make you hot during this cold and rainy Monday morning...


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