Kayden Boche


It was on a Saturday morning. A boring day for me to spend all alone in my room. I logged in on my Twitter account. I saw that there has a follower request. So, I easily see who's that gonna be.  His name was Kayden Boche. Huh? Who is this Kayden Boche?

I searched via Google and that profile who followed me was really his. Stating some of his infos these and that. Di ako makapaniwala, isang American male model ang nag.follow sakin. Hahaha... I then search some of his pix via the net showing his pits.

Here it is. Di naman marami pero enough lang to make some of you drool....


Ayan na guys ang mga pics nya. I'm sorry. I'm not giving any links for those celebrities who followed me in Twitter. If you want, search for them... =)


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