Tittie Tuesday: Something Different


Ok, so I'm going to tell you about the weird thing that happened the other day. If you were expecting something sexy today, sorry to disappoint, but anyway, here it is.
I went to Subway to grab a sandwich, and I decided to eat it there. I had my Kindle with me, so I was set. I had my yummy sandwich, and was relaxing with my Cherry Coke, reading a kinda cheesy vampire story when I noticed a strange looking woman walk in, and go directly to the case that has bottled water, milk, and other stuff like that. She caught my eye cuz she was dressed kinda funny, and had a gold sparkly bow clip in her hair, like something a child would wear. She also was carrying 2 purses. Ok, this was weird.
The place was kinda busy at the time, about 5 customers waiting. There was apparently only one guy working in the whole place, and my eye was drawn to this woman, carrying 2 purses, and looking a little funky. She stood at the case with it open forever, and I was reminded of my mother always yelling at my brother to "pick something or close the door!" to the fridge. She took a couple of bottles out and closed the door. She also had a coat over her arm.
Does she get in line to pay? Nope. She goes into the restroom. She's in there for a good 15 minutes. The customers turn over, they've all been helped, and new ones are at the counter. She finally comes out, and get this. She's only holding one purse, and no bottles of anything. The purse over her shoulder is quite large. My guess is that she put the smaller purse inside of it, and stayed in the restroom long enough to drink the bottles she took in there.
She walks back over to the cold case, and gets out another drink. She takes it up to the counter, and waits while the guy finishes making a sandwich, then he rings her up for the drink, and she leaves. The whole time she was in the restroom, and after she came out, I sat there wondering if I should say something to the guy behind the counter. I mean, what could he have done? The store was full of people, and he was the only one working. Do you call the cops for theft of a couple of drinks? But did she also steal someone's purse? I was in a dilemma. I did what most folks would do - nothing. I have felt bad about it ever since. I'm of the opinion that there should never be just one clerk in a store, so this kind of thing is less likely to happen.
Any ideas? What should I have done?

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