The New Normal


This is the plan:

You know, I don't think I missed one day of posting on my blog..never, ever..over the past few years of being here, allowing you guys to read my thoughts..I haven't missed a beat.

And now things are different, at least for me. I missed a whole lot of time. What have I been doing? Lots of stuff..catching up on work..a place I also alienated for over 2 weeks.  The work has piled up and, despite some concerns for my well-being from others, most people are all about them - they want the stuff they hired me for and they don't want to be delayed by some silly little storm.

One person I was speaking with after the storm mentioned how it was so hard on him and his family..

"Oh yea?" I asked.  "Were you without electric too?"
"No." he said.
"Oh, no hot water?" I inquired.
"No..we had hot water too."
", the gas lines were tough where you were?" I asked again.
"Nah, they were fine. But, we didn't have Internet for a day!" he said seriously.

Damn..makes you wonder how people can be so trivial.

I plan on being back here, and back on here on a regular basis. I will try, among the work issues, and now, rebuilding things at home that will occupy my time. But, hopefully, I can find some time for you (and me by writing and getting these thoughts out of my head) on this blog.  It does take some time.

I know I've probably lost a lot of readers and maybe they'll return. But, maybe they won't - and that's OK too.  I may take some days here and there..days that I just won't be able to write for the blog. Tittie Tuesday will be back too..she's been giving me some great posts and I need to get those up and running.

Anyway, I do have posts that were written before my life became (even more) complicated.

So, maybe things will soon get back to normal...or maybe not.


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