Is Anybody Out There?


Yes, I have thought about David often - not in a sexual way, but in a regretful way. Regretting how things ended. Looking back, now, given my maturity, my knowledge, my myriad of sexual experiences, I understand that David probably felt differently about our times together than I did.

At the time I was a college freshman. Immature, inexperienced.  This guy had gotten naked in front of me...and I in front of him. We had touched each other..jerked each other off, I felt another man's cock..and I liked it. He put his lips on my cock, blew me..I came in his mouth. Yet, I went back to my dorm room and acted the totally straight part. I pursued and dated girls. It was all a little confusing.

I often looked up David on the web. Googled his name. Looked for him in campus directories. Websites, Facebook. Never have I been able to find any inkling of what happened to him. I had questions, I wanted to know. More importantly, I wanted to apologize.

Then, after numerous times of checking, I found someone who lived on the West coast. About the right age, went to the same school..but the picture didn't look like the tall blond buff guy I had known. I mean, it was the same name..but it wouldn't be the first time that I had been mistaken. Could this be him? I friend him..and wait.

About a month later, I get a message that I've been added to David's contacts. The door is this the same David I had known?


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