Partial Blow Off


So, I was eagerly anticipating meeting Desmond. We had made plans to have lunch. He picked a place. We chatted and he said we'd chat in the morning and confirm. Then..nothing.

Yea, I logged onto Adam, and he wasn't there. Not early in the morning when I got into work, and not at all..until about 3pm. Lunch?'s almost dinner time!  I had emailed him saying "guess we're not doing lunch today" and he responds that his schedule was crazy and our plans were subject to confirmation.  That's not how I looked at it..but, I move on.

We had some idol chat and the next day he emails me again..basically saying how busy his life is.

"Doesn't bode well for meeting." I say.
"Well, how about coffee later?" Desmond asks.

We again make plans...I slyly suggested he brew something at his place..but, either he didn't catch my drift or he was serious about this "dating" thing - which isn't a bad thing. Just hope I don't have to wait too long for some sex. ;)

I made my way toward the Starbucks where we planned to meet. I park and give Desmond a call and he's about 5 minutes away. I go inside, order my Venti cafe late chai mocha frap and sit at a table. I notice this place is rather busy for a "date". Finally, I see a baseball cap wearing guy walk up and I recognize Desmond. He walks over, shakes my hand and he orders his own stupid SB drink and sits.

For the next hour or so, we chat..about almost everything... work, vacations, family issues. Everything except sex..because it's just too crowded in this place. There were some times of awkward silence. But, he's defintiely cute. Still has those thin tweezed brows that I dislike..and a little affected - feminine speaking qualities...but, beneath his long sleeved T-Shirt and sweat pants, I can tell this guys built..just how I like em.

He's looking for something regular and we finally make our goodbyes, shaking hands and walking to our cars in opposite directions.

Whether I get to see the goods again..will just have to be seen..if at all.

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