The Courting


I know, you see me meeting all these guys..sometimes it's obvious why I don't meet up with a particular guy again. But other times, maybe it sounds like things go well - yet, I don't end up meeting them for a repeat. Considering the fact that I am looking for a regular thing, why is it I can't find it?

OK, so..the guys that basically shit on me -that doesn't have to be explained. But the others? Sometimes it's something how they kiss..maybe it's how they smelled that turns me off. Other times, it's something stupid..or less obvious: their eyebrows, their cock..sometimes, something as inane as that can turn me off.

A long time ago..years probably - I met a guy online (somewhere). We ended up chatting. He seemed nice real nice. He lived pretty close to me, was in shape, smooth, mid 20's. Everything was good. We ended up meeting..and we had some hot sex...once.

The thing about "Desmond" was..his eyebrows. They were so perfectly thinly just turned me off. Now, mind you, it didn't turn me off enough to not have sex with him..but, it turned me off enough never to return again.  He also had a job..that was a little effeminate for my liking (not that it was right for me to should judge) - but..working in a girls store in the and all. Ewww!

This guy..he did hit me up again. But, obviously got the hint. Then..a while ago..I saw a profile on Grindr. Ended up being him. Except now..he was in amazing "gym trainer" shape. Really We chatted..seemed like things were moving..he asked why we didn't meet again...then he asked me to take him out..for dinner. Huh?

Like..I'm not anyone's sugar daddy. That was a turn off. He was insistent though. I blocked him..

Then..again, I see him on line on another site. Same hot body..he chats me..we chat..he's looking for a regular thing. Then I unlock my pics and he unlocks his. We both knew who we were talking too...

"Hot bro!" Desmond says.
"Yea, you too."

We exchange names.

"You know" I say. "We've 'met' before."
"I know man, it was fun. Don't know what happen." he says
"So where do we begin? I ask.
"Take me to dinner" he says.
"I'm not looking to support anyone. I'm not a sugar daddy." I tell him. "Let's meet for dinner or lunch..then..we're big boys..we can take care of ourselves."

"OK" he agrees.

So..we chat some more..and I give him a call too. We make plans for lunch next week.


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