Simply The Best


I'm no elitist. I don't look down on other guys -necessarily. But, when put in the situation where I'm cruising for someone - in person - at a club, sauna, etc. I don't settle. I look for the best.

You know, at the gym or this sauna I go to which is very cruisey, I look around and find a few guys with potential. Then I go for the hottest. Hottest body, nicest face..the whole package. I mean..maybe I'm no Adonis..but, I rarely strike out.

One time I returned to one of the newer saunas in the area. Last time I went there I was bitterly disappointed. It was pretty sleazy. Guys were making out all over, even grinding each other, touching naked. You'd walk into a steam room and guys would be blowing each other, or in the jacuzzi, guys would be on top of one another. I left that day...thinking I'd never return.

But, I did. Yesterday, I went back for one of their Beach days. I walked in and found the usual: older and some very fat guys walking around. There were a few skinny guys (more my liking) and one or two nice looking guys and one guy in particular that was very hot. He was Asian, small, but incredibly built, masculine looking with bleach blond hair. His die for! My sites were set on him.

I sat in a sauna, and he soon arrived. He sat close by and we were alone. Soon, his leg brushed mine and I placed my foot on his. We looked at each other and smiled and I made some small talk as I bushed his incredible chest and rubbed his pert nipples. He started rubbing me from on top of my towel when someone else walked in.  Not being someone who enjoys company, I soon after left that sauna.

I hit the small jacuzzi. Another guy joined me, but I wasn't interested. Soon Asian Boy walks in and sits opposite me. Again, his leg brushing mine. Then he rolls over and stretches his arms showing me (and the other guy) his muscled back with a big tattoo and his tiny smooth ass. The other guy was almost dribbling with froth. My legs brushed discretely his ass under the water and made their way to his ball sack. The other guy moved closer to Asian Boy. Again, not being much of a voyeur, I left the jacuzzi thinking the hot Asian would soon follow.

I took a shower, went to another steam room and passed by the jacuzzi only to see Asian Boy playing with the other guy. By playing I mean talking, and eventually, I saw Asian Boy straddling the other guy. No sex..just sitting on him..very close.

Oh well..I guess it wasn't meant to, I hit my sites on #2 hottie in the spa..a skinny young guy who looks pretty nice. We're jerking off in the steam room together, and soon joined by another skinny Latin guy who also seemed cute. He sits next to me and takes off his towel. I guess I could be into company, it just depends on who the company is!

I blow my load and so does skinny #1. I hit the showers, and look at the clock. Not much time left before I have to run, so I relax on a couch in the video room and cool off and recover. My refractory period (time in which it takes me to cum again) could be pretty short..15-20, I'm hoping to energize again and de-load before leaving for the day.

In about 10 minutes, Hot Asian Boy walks in and is standing in the back of the video room. A minute later and he strolls over to my couch and sits next to me and smiles. Soon, he's rubbing my back, giving me a really great neck massage. I tell him "don't stop".  He reaches down and is rubbing my chest and I'm rubbing his now hard cock under the towel.

Soon, his towel gets unwrapped and he's blowing a video room that has about 5 other guys around us. Nobody was watching the video (think it was The Matrix).  Asian Boy kisses of those soft, nice kisses I like..tongues and everything. We made out..then he sucks me again.

After a while, I whisper in his ear that I'm gonna cum and he jerks me off..and I blow all over my stomach. After catching our breaths, he says I should go take a shower, which I did.

I shower, change and head out.

Moral of the Story: Keep your feet on the ground, but always reach for the stars.

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