Odd Isn't It?


Yet another guy who sent an email with commonalities!
I will say that your 'story' [finally started from the beginning] is so much like mine in many, many ways.

The part about being 'odd' in high school, not having any girls [I had a two year relationship with someone who was relatively 'popular' at one school, but we never did anything but kiss and pet; I went to four highschools].  I didn't go to college [yet] however, but went into the Navy.
I have always had the desire.  Met some really great guys in bootcamp, but when are you going to do anything there? !

After, however, it took me only a few months, and I met a great guy named Mike.  But it was the reverse for me.  I fell for him, and he kept me at a distance.  We did quite a bit more than you and Dave.  Then, he transferred to Hawaii.  And I, for 'moral' reasons, decided to go straight.  ;-)
I met a string of girls, but never had the desire, and was, quite frankly, petrified of it!  And I kept falling emotionally for straight guys.  Dave, Dave, Monty, then Tom.  The second Dave and Monty and Tom were the ones I told about me; and none of them turned on me.  But they didn't pounce either.  Each of them were quite hot.  But I was hotter, I think?!

After the Navy, I met a gal whom I then married.  And since we've been married, I did the same thing.  Can't share these guy's names, however, but there were four of whom, over the last eighteen years, I developed quite strong emotions for.  The last was A.  He was like all the others rolled up into one.  Beautiful.  We were friends for eight years.  I think he had some kind of 'urge' toward me, but was afraid to admit it, because of the religious component.  I haven't seen or talked to him in three years.  He hurt me pretty badly.
I never did anything with any of these guys, but affectionately touch them, which they never 'disliked'.

I'm afraid of two things: AIDS or other std, and getting 'outed'.
I too LOVE my life, my wife, my children.  I could not possibly hurt them.  I am still enamored with the male form, however.  I keep mine polished and buff, and also look damn good for 45, most folks think I'm in my early 30s, except for a touch of gray in my beard.

I guess I told you all of this because I felt I needed to reciprocate!

Here's a pic of me. Please don't post it! [unless you cut my head off and take the background personal stuff out of it!]. (I've elected not to post his pic)

I don't even really know why I'm writing, except that I thought I was the only one like me on the planet.  I live in HOUSTON for pete's sake, and I've never met like-minded men.

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