Try, Try Again


Thank god I work by myself and don't have any bosses or anyone of importance looking after me. On days where I've got nothing to do, I'm online..well..even when I have plenty to do, I'm online.  I'm pretty good at multitasking.

It's the end of the week. I was looking forward to the weekend and actually in the morning, I had some time to myself at home, got on the computer and went on my web cam to jerk one off so I could concentrate without being horny all day.

But, by the end of the day, I get an email from someone online. He's 27 years old, 5'11", white, smooth and from his pics..incredibly hot. He pursues me..and asks what I am doing. He tells me he has a short time until work, and maybe I want to hang out.  "Sure", I respond.

I drive there and get to his apartment.  He opens the door, is wearing just some gray sweats, no shirt. He invites me in and I follow him to his bedroom.  We embrace and kiss. He's smooth, very smooth, but I can feel the stubble of hair on his chest and the back of his neck as I rub my hands along his body. He's cute, not as cute as his professional online pictures try and show, and he's also a little softer than I thought.  His body is athletic, but not toned..more doughy than  like.

Nonetheless, we have little time, so he undresses me, and gushes about how attractive I am. He lays me down, and sucks on my now hard cock. I rub his ass, and soon, he's straddling me trying to place my condom-covered cock in his ass. He grabs some lube and as he looks at my engorged member, tells me this isn't going to be easy.  He grabs some poppers and sniffs them.

We attempt no avail. We switch..him doggy style (he told me he liked it that way in our previous emails). He again lubes up, and attempts to guide me in. No dice.

Then on his back...he again grabs his poppers, and I turn my head so as not to inhale any fumes. He finally gets me in and we start rocking back and forth, laying close on top of each other as I let him get comfortable.  But once I start to get on my arms and try to fuck him, I pop out.  Exhausted from the effort, I just pull off,  and roll over.  He takes my condom off, and goes down on me, sucking my cock until I'm ready to explode. As I'm clearly close to coming he continues to suck. I explode in his mouth until I can't take the stimulation any more and I actually force his mouth off my cock that he stops sucking me. He then grabs himself, kneeling next to me as he jerks off, aiming clearly towards me.

"Not on me!" I tell him.
"Yes, on you!" he chuckles as he blows his load on my stomach.

He leaves to grab a wet towel and we clean up.

"Just in time for work?" I ask.
"Perfect timing" he says.


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