It's All About Sex


Guys..we're animals.  Want to keep a guy happy? Feed him, clean for him and fuck him - not necessarily in that order.

We're all about sex. Chalk it up to the caveman in us. Guys simply were  meant to procreate. It's literally in our genes (or jeans). But, it's not exactly all about sex. I mean, a girl can't just lay there like a lox and expect a guy to get turned on, night after night.

When we dated, my wife and I would have that weekend opportunity to see each other, and inevitably the first thing we did was have sex. Hot, passionate sex. Sex that included different positions and oral getting sucked and for her..well, I won't go into it for the squeamish guys reading here.  Let's just say, it was a healthy sex life.

When we got married, things didn't change a whole lot..until...KIDS. Once the kids came along, time was limited I suppose. I guess we were also more tired. But what I noticed was that the sex was routine. Diddle this, play with that, stick it in, and roll over. Her just laying there. No oral, nothing new, nothing fun. Also, I found that I was the one to always initiate things, never her. Eventually, I stopped initiating. We went months sometimes between sex...then, I found other ways, and things to enjoy, that made me happy. I remember trying to not get off with guys on a Friday if I thought that I'd have to be with my wife that weekend.

Soon, I didn't have to worry anymore. I was having more fun outside the house than inside. Months..turned to years.

At some point my wife questioned me. Why don't we have sex anymore? I somehow got out of answering that question directly. How do you answer that? You're fat? You're boring in bed? I'm fucking a guy instead?  None would be appropriate answers. Instead of asking "why", how about doing something?  Make yourself appealing..initiate something. Placing your hand on my knee doesn't drive me wild anymore. Work at it, like you work on your nails, like you do when you find a fucking bargain at the mall, like you're as happy as when you're with your girlfriends.

I'm not naive enough to not realize that sex with a woman wasn't as attractive to me as sex with a man..and that was part of the reason why I didn't encourage my wife more to have sex. If I didn't have another option..or an option I enjoyed more..maybe I would have tried.

I know I'm not alone. Sex is a big issue with couples. I know a few guys who also haven't had sex with their spouses in years. What does that say? We're all gay? No, it says women use sex as a tool, and they also fail to realize the importance until it's gone. Once it's gone, it almost can never come back.

You want a happy marriage? Feed him, clean for him and fuck him like there's no one like him. Do stuff that makes him want to come back. Ask him what he wants sexually. Make it fun, make it sexual, make it dirty sometimes too. Fuck him like he's the best, like he pays for your food and every need, has given you great children, pleasure him because he's a terrific father, because he's the guy that works 9, 10 hours a day to give you and your family everything he possible can.

Because he is.

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