The Nose Knows


We chatted online for a while, the whole time, I'm getting this deja vu feeling. His pics look familiar, that cute smile. His neighborhood too. He tells me to come over, and I accept. He gives me his address and I google it.

"We've done this before? I ask.
"Yea. A while ago" he says.
"Right, I thought you looked familiar."
"Yea, I remember you were cute and a great kisser" he responds.
"Aww..that's sweet" I say.

With that I head to his apartment. After some circling, I finally found a spot, remembering how hard it was last time to find parking. Then I make the familiar walk to his apartment and he meets me at the door. His bright, big smile I had become acquainted with. We head to his room and I chuckle at the wall of movies and books that I remembered from before and I mention it to him. Everything seemed the same.

We hug and kiss..I remember the voice, the mouth, the lips...we disrobe and I'm familiar with his body, his smoothness, his ass..we lay down on his bed and I'm familiar with the passion...the...smell. I keep looking it the clothes on the floor? Doesn't look dirty. Is it me? Nothing is wafting off of me for sure. It's him. He's clean, smooth, not sweaty, but, there is an odor and it's an unpleasant odor I've been around before.

Yes, I remember everything about this nice he was, sweet, passionate, not for me, but I remember everything..even his smell.  It's some type of body odor.

He asks if I want to fuck him or if I want him to just blow me. He seems perfectly happy sucking on my cock, and he does so until  I blow in his mouth and he swallows every bit.  We clean up, get dressed and I kiss and hug him goodbye.

I've realized why I haven't been back in so long. 


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