Making Plans


I've decided to go visit my Mom in Florida for her birthday. It's been years since I've been there and, even though she travels, is active, is in great health, she's getting up there in age and I think it would be nice to spend some time together.

There usually is never a chance for me to get away from the family alone. This trip is different. They'll be staying home while I'm traveling.  Years ago, when I was in Florida, I went briefly to a Club in Ft. Lauderdale, aptly named: The Club. Apparently, they have these clubs around the US (unfortunately, none in the northeast). They are very clean, have a great gym, a beautiful outdoor pool, lounges, hot tub, group showers, a grotto steam room and sauna.

When I was there last I pretty much just watched and jerked off. I'm hoping to spend a few hours there and this time, I feel like I can be a little more adventurous, depending on who I meet. As long as they're cool and we're safe, I'm DTF (down to fuck).

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