Love Me Long Time


So, finally found match. Too bad he's on the other side of the world!

Dear BLM,
Sorry in advance about my poor english and writing.
I am an gay man but have come across your blog last month and been reading ever since. I love it so much that i cant stop promoting your blog to people. I work in customer service, so i talk a lot with different  people every day.

Until I find you,I've  always been judging that there in no such a thing as Bisexual. Thanks for opening my eyes.

We are all struggling as human beings. No one's pains can compare with anthers but we can sure relate. Thats what your blog has given me the comforting to know that no matter who we are or what we are dealing with, we are not alone.
I would love to have a boy friend like you. I'm a very affectionate person who love vanilla sex, kissing, body contacts. The best part of sex for me is to fall back into each other arms to feel our hearts and body blend in a sweet harmony.

It's too bad that I'm far away and uncut other than we can be a good match.  I'm slim, smooth look young for my age because I'm Asian, and we don't age.

I'm in an opened relationship with three other guys. We live to gather and share the same bed every night. The only thing is missing for me is sex. Not the meaningless ones. I'm always looking for a steady boy friend  or playmate who is ok to share me with three other guys but have me just for himself in the sexual part. There is no sex in my family of four because we been together long enough that no one find attraction in each other any more. We love and care for each other deeply and would never run off with any random guy a long the way. That doesn't mean that we can have fun.

It's getting long. Thanks for your time and hope to keep in touch. I have been think for a month to write this email. Please help me correct the writing if you wanna repost my story. Love!

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