A Day At the Beach


During the summer, I spend lots of time at the beach..mostly with family and friends. Occasionally, I'll play hookie on a Friday, and hit one of the lesser known and little used beaches in the area. They're known to be either gay/nude or cruisy.

On this Friday, it was absolutely a fantastic beach day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was delightful.  I got there early, made my trek to the area, and spread out my blanket. I read my paper and enjoyed the day and the different bodies passing by. I noticed a guy behind me and about 15 feet to the left. He was there before I got there, and was in a white speedo, he had a shaved head and had a great lean, body. Suddenly, I notice him walking up to me and he asks if I would spray his back with lotion.

"Sure" I replied. "Just spray? No rubbing?" I joked.

"Yea, spraying is fine." He responded. "I'm going for a walk and don't want to burn"

We continued to make some small talk and after his walk, he returned to his blanket. Later that day, I log onto Grindr and actually see a profile of a shaved-head lean guy..saying 1,200 feet away. I chat him and say hi. He responds and says hi..that he was at the beach (Duh!) I said I was there too and that the location should read 15 feet instead.  He laughed and I guess realized who he was talking to.

Later I went over and sat on the sand and we chatted about the day and the holiday weekend (It was July 4th weekend). Later, I picked up my stuff and headed to the showers, where he also was, showering after the day at the beach. I noticed his hot ass, and nice cut cock.

We said our good byes and I also sent a message on Grindr saying it was nice meeting him.

"Yea, maybe I'll see you another weekend." he replied.


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