Going Batty


I hit the spa for a relaxing day, hoping that maybe I'd find luck there again.  I was pretty horny, and it had been weeks since I hung with another guy.

I undressed and headed to the sauna.  It was packed with ..well..in order to avoid nasty comments I'll just say they were "undesirables".  So, I left there, headed to a jacuzzi. Most were pretty full, and I'm noticing it's a pretty busy day. I finally find a spot to relax and I'm sitting there when I notice a cute looking guy walk in and he sits not far from me.  From the distance, he's looking familiar.

He's probably about 5'10" tall, had a pretty smooth, lean body, and a hot little ass. Couldn't tell if he was cut or uncut, but, his body was kick-ass for sure.  He must have been Latin or something, cause his tanned skin was just beautiful.

After a few minutes, I move seats, and he moves, again, not far from me. I hit a jacuzzi, he steps in one not far. We dance like this for an hour. Eventually, I end up sitting right next to him and make some small talk. He does look familiar, and I finally let him know why I think I feel that way. I tell him that he looks like Derek Jeter of the Yankees. He appreciates the comment.

"Yea, defintiely have the same look, except your much better looking" I tell him.  It wasn't a line. He has the same face, a great, white smile, short buzzed hair and maybe if Derek was 10 or 15 years younger, it could be him.  This guy was quite hot.

He laughs, and again thanks me. We chat some more, he tells me he's from the area. Then he's off and so am I. I head upstairs to check some emails and make some calls. I find him doing the same as I'm walking around we bump into each other again.

"Damn!" I say, "Reception is horrible in this place"
"Yea, it's bad. Better upstairs" he responds.

I didn't take it as an invitation, or a come-on. I just took his advice and followed him to the next floor, where I continued to look at my phone. I notice him doing the same as he heads to the little used and a familiar shower area.  It's the same shower that I ended up with another guy a few months ago.  After that hot time, it was Crash and Burn . (Eyes Wide Open, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4).
I walk in a second to two behind him and he's no longer on the phone, but butt naked walking into the shower. I ask him if this is the best place for reception and chuckles and says yes.

I undress and head into the shower where he is already soaping up.

"Hope you don't mind if I join you" I say.
Again he smiles that big bright smile and says "No problem".

We're soaping up and I'm washing/rubbing my cock as I'm getting hard and noticing that he is too. Eventually, he's stroking his cock and I'm stroking mine. I step a bit closer to his shower and touch his smooth body, his back (he has a great back) and his cute little ass. He grabs my cock and is jerking me off. I move my hand to his cock and we're closely watching the shower room door as we're stroking each other.

I rub his chest, which has a light patch of hair on it. I step in a little closer and rub my lips on his neck, to his ear, moving up slowly to his cheek. He responds by turning his head toward me, and our lips meet in a hot, kiss, tongues ever so softly flickering in each others mouths.

Just then, he tenses up and cum gushes out of his cock and a second later, he jerks my cock until I'm blowing my own load. We wash up and hit the locker room to dry off.  We laugh about a few things, making small talk. I find out he's actually 30 years old.

Noticing the time, I rush out as he leaves.
Wishing I got his number, an email address...anything. I would love another round with his bat and balls.


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