Celebrate with (BI Like) Me!


So, here I am..another anniversary on Bi Like ME. Is it possible? Has it been 2 years? As I've always said, I never made this blog with the intention of gaining notoriety, gaining readers, or making money. But, it has brought me a lot of blog "buddies" - people I consider some of my closest confidants.

When I started..believe me, I had no idea what I was doing. Through help of some fellow bloggers, and research online, I became pretty good at it. I've changed templates, formats, added new things...and I'm kinda proud of what I've accomplished.

I also very much look forward to starting my days with the blog..I usually come in, read my post of the day (yes! even I'm a reader) to check for grammar mistakes and spelling errors (but even I miss some..and thanks to some of my readers..they get pointed out for me  - don't you have something better to do?). Then, I check out some of my fellow bloggers and write some entries that I will post in the future.

Daily, I am receiving comments and emails from my readers. Most get published - and a few - get tossed. All in all, my readers are understanding, sympathetic and supportive.

Thanks again to all that read my blog and add to it everyday!

I thought on this anniversary week I would revisit some of my first posts (with some new pics). So enjoy the read over the next few days.


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