Who's Your Daddy? Epilogue


When I got back to my office that night, I emailed Kevin and told him what a great time I had hanging with him and that I thought he was a total hottie. I also playfully asked if I measured up and was worthy of another meeting.
Over the weekend, I chatted a little with Kevin online, but basically he was busy as was I, and we agreed to chat more on Monday.  On Monday, he chats me on Grindr and after some idol weekend talk, asks if we're gonna hang out again?

"Absolutely!" I respond. "I hope so!"

Hope I wasn't too enthusiastic, but, this guy is just too good to give up so quickly. He's incredibly hot, could be a model, clean, seems normal, and an incredible fuck and great kisser. What more can I ask for?

Monday he was at school all day, but he seemed pretty enthusiastic himself about meeting again.  He told me that tomorrow he should be available some for us to hang.

I'll keep you guys up to date!  Hopefully this isn't an Epilogue, but the beginning of something more regular.

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